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Stay in Control...

Unfiltered browsing and unlimited apps leave the door open to unwanted content. There are several options for filtering internet content and apps to allow only the content you need. Options differ for various types of computers and phones. 


There are also options of WiFi and router-based devices that control all content in the home.

Furthermore, there are options for services that monitor internet use, sending random screenshots to a parent, friend or mentor.

It is strongly recommended that filters and monitoring programs be installed on phones and devices by techs who are experienced in the various options and levels that each filter provides.

It is important to note that filter and monitoring programs are not a substitute for open discussion, personal awareness, and, appropriate role modeling by parents. 

How can I control the sites, apps and content on my computer or phone?

How can I control the time I and my kids spend on the computer or tablet?

How can I securely monitor my own or my children’s computer and phone use?

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