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 School Initiatives

A school’s tech policy is empowered when it is formulated as part of a larger movement. There are a several organizations who work with the hanhala and administration of schools to help them achieve their goals. 

Use your discretion in deciding which initiatives are appropriate for you:

Digital Citizenship Project

Since 2014 The Digital Citizenship Project has been working with schools and communities across the globe to educate and empower parents, teachers and students to understand technology’s impact on functioning and how to develop a healthy and balanced approach to the digital age.

TAG Platinum

Strict technology standard adopted by several schools in Lakewood.


Machane Kadosh

Strict technology standard adopted by many schools in New York and New Jersey.

Keeping Tech in Check

Initiative started in South Shore Elementary School where families agree that:

1. Their children will  not own their own device through 8th grade

2. Their children will not use technology for entertainment purposes Mon-Thurs during school sessions (besides for sports)

3. All devices their children are exposed to will be properly filtered


To date: 

  • 240 boys have signed up

  • 177 families

Yeshiva Toras Chaim-Bais Binyamin of South Shore


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