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Addiction Help

Please use your judgement and discretion in choosing the source of addiction help that is most appropriate for you.


Unfortunately it is common for children and adults to develop a level of addiction to technology. Often, educators or Rabbonim may be able to help navigate a path to freedom. Occasionally, professional help must be obtained. There are a number of resources to help gain a better understanding of the addictive nature of technology and to help those in need. 

Guard Your Eyes

Advice and guidance for people addicted to inappropriate tech use.

Project TRUST

Experienced advisor who works one on one with teenagers together with mental health professionals.

Dr. Binyamin Tepfer

Dr. Tepfer is a New York based addiction therapist who counsels individuals and couples.



Relief Referral Organization

Relief specializes in therapist referrals for the Jewish community.

Other articles on addiction

Collection of links to articles about addiction to texting and gaming. 

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