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 Community Initiatives

While each community comprises a diverse population, the basic challenges of technology are ubiquitous. A few communities have found success when they called members to join together to increase awareness of the challenges that all face.

Use your discretion in deciding which initiatives are appropriate for you:

LinkUp - Women's Group

Self- Education program for women in small groups.



Project Focus - Community-wide

Community wide initiative launched in Chicago in 2018 and replicated in Cleveland. 

Delete One App

Join thousands who have committed to delete just one app as a zechus for a sick child. 




Technology Awareness Group

International organization based in Lakewood with offices across the world.

(732) 730-1824



Internet filter organization with offices in Williamsburg and Kiryas Yoel. 

(718) 384-3337



A community initiative in Boca Raton, Florida that seeks to address all aspects of responsible technology use. 



Internet filter organization based in Williamsburg with offices across New York

(718) 840-3400

Screen Free for 30 Minutes

Nationwide initiative that encourages turning off phones for 30 minutes after lighting the Chanuka Menora. 

Compelling video released in September 2019 encouraging the adoption of community wide standards of technology use for children.

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