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Girls HS Programs

Several Yeshiva girl’s high schools have developed programs by which to educate their students. 


Please contact us with information regarding other programs that can be shared with others.

Bnos Leah of Prospect Park (Brooklyn)

The high school students initiated a program to encourage each other to take on short term kabbalos. They challenge themselves to continuously give thought to their technology habits and make small and consistent growth. Additionally, there is a mandatory course in the twelfth grade dedicated to discussing the new and unique challenges facing the digital generation.


For questions or additional information about any of Bnos Leah's technology programs, contact Basya Fogel at 917-592-4966. 




Machon Bais Yaakov (Brooklyn)

Name: Raise the Bar - Exercise Your Self Control

Brief description - Every girl took on a Kabala. Once a week a student speaks about how her life is so much better since she took on the kabala. Once a month we have a “bar” program ( Chocolate bar, breakfast bar, salad bar etc.) to celebrate the ongoing commitment to the self accepted kabbalos 

Contact info -


Name: iLimit 

Please contact Mrs Feder for details 917-703-0558



Bnos Yaakov  (Brooklyn)

Name BYFI -  Bnos Yaakov Freedom of Infiltration.


The girls are educated about use of technology. They are then paired up with a teacher of their choice who can help them pick a kabbala in a specific area. The girl follows up with her teacher on a weekly basis and they either tweak the kabbala or keep it so the girl can see the most change. We also encourage the girls to pick a goal that they can see themselves accomplishing. They then pick kabbalos that help them reach their goal. Throughout the program there is a constant awareness and understanding that no girl faces this alone.


Contact info -

Malky Pogrow 646-673-6950 •

Torah Academy for Girls- (Far Rockaway)

Name: iChoose

iChoose is an innovative, immersive extra curricular program designed by TAG HS teachers for frum high school girls. It includes events, workshops, educational modules, and other modalities all designed to empower students to make healthy choices with regard to their use of technology. It fosters an ongoing, thoughtful and open dialogue in school about all aspects of living in the digital age.


Contact: C. Tanenbaum at





Bais Yaakov D’Rav Meir – (Brooklyn)

Name - Talk Only

Brief description - The idea is to get the girls to stop or decrease using their phones for texting. The girls were encouraged to come up with reasons why texting is problematic. She had everyone write down what kind of program the girls feel that everyone can do together to work on limiting technology. The idea was that if everyone is doing it then no one will feel like they're alone in this new undertaking. The school brought in speakers, and used incentives. Even if a girl has texting she is still encouraged to take upon herself kabalos of other kinds such as not texting specific people or only texting at certain times.

Contact info - Mrs. Herzka, Principal 718 633 1232 



Lev Bais Yaakov (Brooklyn):

Name Lev Tech Squad - Power Down


Monthly/bi-monthly assemblies in which we introduce an area in which technology has impacted us. 


The girls are shown a satirical video of what has become the norm nowadays because of tech, which is particularly effective in conveying the message. There is also an activity and short discussion to further bring out the message. The girls are then given a card with a list of suggestions that they can choose from to limit or reinforce the topic we discussed. They are asked to check off at least 15 boxes throughout the month. 


We try to keep the topics as broad as possible to be relevant to our diverse student body. 


Below is a card from one of the assemblies. 

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