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Effects of Tech

Jewish Resources 


While phones, computers, texting, email and various forms of social media are part of the fabric of society, it is undeniable that they pose unique challenges to education, child development, friendship, spiritual growth,  and spousal relationships. Each parent, spouse and individual owes it to themselves to become self aware of their practices. 


There are several resources for links to lectures and articles that help clarify these challenges. Please use discretion as each given source may not be directed at all audiences.

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MUST Website 

Contains links to many articles in popular newspapers and magazines related

to use of tech. 

Klal Perspectives Journal 

Collection of monographs by leading thinkers and educators.


Project Focus

Comprehensive pamphlet used for city-wide tech initiative in Chicago.

 Jewish Books

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Positive Vision
Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger
Artscroll publishers


Link Up

Mrs Faygie Zelcer
Available for participants in penimi program.

The Evolving Digital Challenge

Rabbi Nechemia Gottleib 

Tech Talk
Mrs Aliza Feder 
Available at Z. Berman Books
The Battle of Our Generation

A Practical Guide to Shemirat Habrit.
Available on local Jewish Bookstores and at


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אנא ידע.jpg
עין לא ראתה.jpg

Esa Einei

Rabbi Ya’akov Langsner

(973) 365-8059

Zos Brisi

Available in Hebrew and English

Feldheim publishers 

Available at local Jewish bookstores 

Ana Yada D’at Li

Rabbi Avrohom Neuberger 

(845) 352- 3505

Ayin Lo Raasa 

Rabbi Shmuel Heller

Rabbi Yehuda Shatz
Available at local Jewish Bookstores


Smart Choices

Smart Choices is an organization dedicated to empowering Klal Yisroel to choose wisely with technology use according to Daas Torah - through audio and printed materials. This includes CD distribution, awareness posters, articles and booklets, as well as periodical projects, such as community asifos and mass magazine & CD distributions. to order cds or printed materials,


Call 732-200-2812, or email: 

for the smart choices hotline call 732-400-9003


Powerful Lecture from Rabbonim

Powerful lectures from Rabbonim 

Lectures by Rabbi Mordechai Kirschenbaum and Rabbi Yosef Elefant




Guard Your Eyes Website

Many excellent thought provoking videos related to various aspects of tech use.


A five-minute positive message by Rav Yaakov Bender, sent to the parent body of Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway.

Video of Rav Elya Brudny - the Apples of our Eyes, Chapter IV

Compelling video released in September 2019 encouraging the adoption of community wide standards of technology use for children.

The Apples of our Eyes, Chapter V: Setting Appropriate Limits

Video of Dr. David Pelcovitz


 Secular Resources

Readers are encouraged to use their discretion when using secular resources 
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Wait Until 8th 

Website contains links to many sources.

Alone Together

Sherry Turkle
Available on Amazon

Reclaiming Conversation 

Sherry Turkle
Available on Amazon

A Deadly Wandering 

Riveting tragic true story relating from an accident caused by texting while driving. 

Available on Amazon

How to Break Up With Your Phone 

By Catherine Price 
Advice on becoming less addicted to our phones 
Available on Amazon


By Devorah Heitner 
Helping Kids Thrive in a Digital World

Available on Amazon


Secular movie about the reality of growing up in the digital age. Website also contains many articles regarding the effects of tech.Contact Kav Lnoar to arrange a screening.
917 830-7717

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