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Most underlying challenges of use of phones, texting, social media, gaming etc can be addressed by any speaker who is aware of the issues facing the target audience. It is most effective if the speaker is respected by the audience and relates to their current practices and challenges. 


There are a number of individuals in our community who have particular expertise in the unique spiritual, academic and social challenges of tech. 


As each speaker has their own style and content, speech organizers should ascertain if a given speaker is best suited for their crowd and agenda. 

Rabbi Nechemia Gottleib 

Rabbi Gottleib is the founder and director of TAG International. 

(732) 278- 8513

Dr. David Pelcovitz 

Dr Pelcovitz is the recognized leader in the Jewish community in the field of effects of technology. He speaks to a broad range of audiences.


Dr. Eli Shapiro 

Dr Shapiro is founder of The Digitial Citizenship Project and is a national expert on effects of technology on social and academic development. He speaks to a broad range of audiences.

Rabbi Avraham Robinson

Rabbi Robinson is a Menahel of Yeshiva Toras Chaim of South Shore and has developed a dynamic presentation aided by PowerPoint to educate and empower elementary school parents and educators to effectively help their children/students.

Alex Paskie 

Mr Paskie is a web developer and TAG volunteer whose talks are extremely popular with high school boys, girls, and their parents.



Mrs Faygie Zelcer 

Mrs Zelcer is founder of Penimi and Link up, and speaks to women and high school girls.



Yossi Strickman

Mr Strickman is the founder of Project Trust, a trailblazing concept which focuses on high school boys.

(973) 525-0533

Mrs. Aliza Feder

Author of Tech Talk and a sought-after  speaker for high school girls.

Home (732) 691-7610



Mrs. Tova Feder

Developer of iLimit, a technology awareness program designed for high school girls.

(917) 703-0558



Rabbi Zev Brown, PhD 

Rabbi Dr. Brown is an expert in the field who speaks to small group or school-wide meetings of parents.

(732) 232-1658



Binyomin Tepfer, PhD 

Dr. Tepfer is a national leader in addiction therapy who has an incredibly open and compelling presentation to teenage boys and parents.



Rabbi Ephraim Goldman

Rabbi Goldman is a high school Rebbi in Chicago and  Director of Community Education Project Focus . He speaks to audiences of all backgrounds and ages through shiurim, lectures and workshops.


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