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Control My Time

Both religious and secular experts say that “time” is perhaps the biggest casualty of browsing the internet and using smartphones with unlimited apps. There are several options for controlling the time spent online and with phones or games. 


Here is a list of several options currently available .

Disney Circle

Wifi based device that allows control of every connected device on your home network.

Available on Amazon

iPhone Screentime 

Go to Settings on iPhone or iPad. 
An excellent feature of iOS 12 and above that allows you to control time and content on a child's (or your own) iPhone or iPad. Not foolproof, but adequate for younger children.

Ourpact and Ourpact Jr.

Allows parents to control time spent on devices, and block access to apps or internet. Does not filter content.


Excellent tool that enables parents to manage and supervise multiple devices.


Powerful parental control tool for blocking categories, apps, and time. 
Can be used in conjunction with iPhone Screentime restrictions. 
Can be used also by parents themselves.


Verizon Family

Verizon based tools. services/Verizon-smart-Family/

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