With Techloq, you are able to allow or block dozens of website categories, as well as categories of videos within Youtube.

Techloq also offers several options for image filters.

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Website Categories

You can choose to allow or block access to any of the categories below


  • Finance, Banking

  • Email

  • Real Estate

  • Government/Legal

  • Technology

  • Travel

  • Education

  • Health

  • Business

  • Reference

  • Restaurants/Dining

  • Vehicles

  • Art/Culture

  • Charitable/Non Profit

  • Childrens

  • Job Search/Career

  • Military

  • Web ads


  • Shopping

  • Lingerie/Swimsuit


  • TV Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.)

  • Entertainment (Celebrity sites, Movie reviewsMovie news)

  • Radio/Music Stream (Spotify)

  • Humor (Stand up comedy, Joke websites)

  • Sports

  • Games

  • Gambling

  • Jewish Music Sites

  • Jewish Video Sites


  • Torah Sites

  • Jewish Sites

  • Other Religions



  • Jewish News Sites

  • Other News

  • Society/Daily Living

Social Networking

  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Personal Sites/Blogs

  • Dating


Youtube Categories

You can choose to allow or block access to any of the categories below


  • Animals

  • Autos

  • Education

  • Documentary

  • How to

  • News

  • Technology

  • Travel

  • Non profit

  • People


  • Entertainment

  • Music (Jewish and not)

  • Movies/ TV Shows

  • Comedy

  • Sports

  • Games

  • Video Blog



Choose from one of the options below:

1. Light- removes explicit images only.
2. Moderate- removes lingerie/swimwear images as well.
3. Strict- removes images with low cut and short clothing.

4. Skin tone masker- all images of humans will have skin covered over. The rest of the image will still show. See example below.

5. Human Image Remover- all images of humans will be fully blocked. See example below.

 Level 4 Example 


 Level 1, 2, 3 and 5 Example 



Installation: $30 one device, $45 multiple devices

Subscription: $100/year per device or $10/month per device


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