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Schools find that greater success is achieved when they educate and engage students. Several full length curricula which have been developed from which have been implemented in schools across the country. 

Hineini High School Curriculum

Rabbi Nechemia Gottlieb, founder of TAG International has developed a curriculum that can be taught 45 mins a week for 1 or 2 years. It’s being taught in many schools around the world.

For further information:
(732) 278-8513

Penimi Curriculum 

Curriculum for girls high schools to equip students with a deep understanding of how technology affects our lives and belief system. 

Tech Smart 

The Digital Citizenship Project’s "Tech Smart” curriculum focuses on fundamental issues around technology, health and behavior. Using a ‘train the trainers” model, formal and informal educators learn to guide students toward understanding how technology impacts their social, psychological and behavioral functioning and how they can become "Tech Smart” Digital Citizens.

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