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There is growing demand for smartphones that allow useful apps (including navigation, banking, access to shiurim etc) while not allowing access to an internet browser or unwanted apps. 

At this time we are no longer selling the Safe Telecom Moto Phones. These phones can still be purchased from a number of retailers found on the Safe Telecom website. See the link below

Purchase a phone from other vendors


Below is a list of phones that can be purchased from the retailers listed. We do not sell these phones.


Safe Telecom

Safe Telecom has created a fully kosher smartphone with no browser and a limited apps only offering kosher apps.


kPhone is the first premium kosher iPhone that will provide you with all the features you expect of a regular smartphone (including speed, functionality, and looks), while maintaining the highest level of kashrus



Selection of browser-free current model smartphones with limited App Store. 

Visit their website for a wide selection of kosher phones



Machane Kadosh Kosher Phone

Customer supplies any Samsung Smartphone and it is transformed into a browser-free phone with select App Store. 

ezcell USA

A variety of kosher smartphones to choose from.

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