4G Basic Phones

Many people prefer to have a phone that avoids the challenges posed by smartphones . There are a select number of “talk only” or “talk and text only” phones- that do not have internet access and work on the 4G network. 

Purchase a phone from other vendors


Below is a list of phones that can be purchased from the retailers listed. We do not sell these phones.



The UniPhone

Talk only and Talk & Text phones available


Talk Only


Connekt Approved Link
4G Talk-only Kyocera phone with Verizon

Available at the SmartConnections office 

See site for locations of dealers 

Kosher Direct 
4G talk -only phone with Verizon
(718) 831- 2211
No website, but free shipping 


Talk & Text

Connekt Rello 

4G Kyocera phone without internet access



3G Sprint MVNO Phones 

Kosher LG Cosmos 

Talk or talk and text phone with slider keyboard that is compatible with Sprint MVNO networks. Sprint will be the last major carrier to switch to 4G service 

Available only on www.koshercell.org 

See their site for other 3G Sprint MVNO phones