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“I really want my children to be protected and safe when using their phones or tablets.”

 “I really want to have fewer distractions on my phone and computer at work.” 

“My husband and I really want to be more responsible with our use of technology.”

“I am in high school and know it is cool to be in control, but have no idea how to limit my phone to allow me to access just the stuff I need.”

Do these questions sound familiar? Many of us in our community have struggled with questions like these in recent years with nowhere to turn for answers.

Until now.

With the creation of a ground breaking new organization unique to our community, these needs can now be addressed locally, on your terms, in a realistic, personalized way.

Creative. Effective. Practical. Empowering. Smart.
SmartConnections has now opened.

SmartConnections is a non-for-profit, grassroots organization that aims to create, enable, and sustain a paradigm shift in our community’s approach to responsible use of technology. Founded by a group of physicians, lawyers, accountants and businessmen from across the Five Towns and Far Rockaway, it recognizes the ubiquitous nature of technology as well as the challenges that come with it.  

The organization is staffed by knowledgeable, friendly technicians who provide practical, consumer-based guidance on means of responsible use of computers, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and phones. The office’s technicians have access to global resources as well as a broad array of customizable options to match you with the personalized tools and software you need to stay productive and in control.


Thousands of families have been serviced since the office first opened its doors. They all have expressed the sense of relief in knowing that they have taken steps they wished they could have taken but until now, did not know where to turn. The feeling of control, safety, and responsibility is what spouses, parents, and individuals have been looking for.

“My teenage kids had smart phones and I had no idea how to protect them from the dangers of the internet.  I am not tech savvy, and I felt a low level guilt all the time.”, reported Dr. Gila Jedwab, a dentist who lives in the Five Towns.


“Then I heard of SmartConnections where you can bring any of your devices and they will walk you through putting the proper filters on each one. It took a few weeks to finally get myself to go there. But when I did, it was an effortless and guided experience from the beginning. And there it was, finally!!  The honest conversation and practical advice I needed to address this problem. My 14 year old son and I spent an hour with them putting filters on all the devices from our house that needed it. I left feeling like a new person with the right filter on the right device and am grateful for the sense of relief and freedom they restored to both me and my son.

As a parent there is no better feeling than protecting your kids.  They are vulnerable in this new age of technology. I am tremendously grateful to the people of SmartConnections. “ 

“Undoubtedly, SmartConnections is a tremendous asset to our community,” says Rabbi Aaron Fleksher, Director of Educational Technology at HALB High Schools. “Filtering our homes and devices (and those of our children!) is something we all think about, but for a variety of reasons, struggle in its execution. SmartConnections provides this service in a friendly and nonjudgmental way. They empower each family and individual to decide for themselves what is appropriate for them. They have made the concept of filtering devices very standard and “normal”.”

In addition to consulting and initial installation, the office staff is available for follow up visits to adjust settings as needed. One of the major advantages of the local office is that customers feel secure with the understanding that if a particular option doesn’t work for them, they can simply return to adjust it or even replace it with a different option that may suit them better. 

“Customers who are initially hesitant to try one of the options feel relieved when they realize that this is not irreversible, and that they can return at any time for adjustments or even to try an entirely different option” says Yaakov Rabi, one of the former technicians who has been amazed with the overwhelmingly positive feedback in the first month of operations. 

“Even teenagers who are very wary of anything that may affect their phone have been surprised by the array of options which allow them access to everything they need”, adds Rabbi Avi Adler, a long time resident of the Five Towns who served as a technician in the office.

The positive, practical, and refreshing tone of the office will hopefully shape a new attitude and perception toward this subject, which in many places is taboo or simply ignored. It will encourage open conversation in a constructive and upbeat tone between friends, husband and wives, and parent and children. A new open and positive dialogue is already starting in many corners of our community.

All are invited to visit the SmartConnections office to see what options are available to meet your needs. There is no commitment necessary, and no guilt involved. Let us help you leverage technology the way you really want to use it.

For questions or to make any appointment, email; or visit our website at

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