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Get the tools you need to keep your devices secure, protected, and under control.

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Smart Connections is an affiliate of Technology Awareness Group

Finally, an effective way to take control of my tech life!

SmartConnection’s experts will match you with the personalized tools and software you need to stay productive and in control.


Control the information delivered to your device

Robust content controls bring you only the images and information that you want, not the media that the internet wants you to see.

Protect all of your family’s technology… all the time.

Create a safer environment for your family – at home and away – so you can rest assured that they are protected from undesirable internet material.

Services that We Offer

Mobile Devices

iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and just about every other mobile device.


Filtering solutions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Gaming Devices

Solutions for XBox360, Wii Systems, Playstation, and mobile gaming devices.

Devices that we sell

We are here to help.

We are on a mission to help families and individuals with individualized solutions to help leverage their technology the way they really want it.

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